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Accessing Your Full Potential,

From Blah to Bliss, Creating the Love You Crave, and

Reconnect and Recreate: Mothers and their Adolescent Daughters





The Empowerment Seminar:  Accessing Your Full Potential
From Blah to Bliss, Creating the Love You Crave
Reconnect and Recreate: Mothers and Their Adolescent Daughters

Want More?  You Can Have It!

The Empowerment Seminar:  Acessing Your FULL Potential

Are you . . .

• Stuck in a rut in some are of your life?

• Angry and frustrated , because you’re not operating at your full potential?

• Struggling with unresolved goals around career, relationships, health, or well-being?

If you answered yes to
the majority of these questions, then welcome to the human race AND welcome to your
human brain!

• Secretly thinking that you’re lazy or weak because you’re not fulfilling your dreams?

• Becoming resigned and cynical about life?

• Starting to settle for status quo because it just seems easier?

In The Empowerment Workshop, Accessing your Full Potential, Dr. Schreiber identifies how the human brain functions—how this amazing organ keeps humans alive and safe, AND how these very same benefits often keep humans locked into patterns of behavior that are at times restrictive, unfulfilling, and incredibly difficult to change.

Through experiential and group exercises, Dr. Schreiber teaches participants how to work within the parameters of their brain so that change is accomplished easily, quickly, and comprehensively. Participants learn how to tap into their passions, excitement, and joy for living Strategies for bringing their full potential into reality are created and practiced.

Significant and lasting changes are created in one afternoon!

Registration is $100. The workshop is 3 hours in length. Follow up communication groups will be offered.

For more information contact Dr. Schreiber or view our calendar

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From Blah to Bliss: Creating the Love you Crave

Connected Couple

A Life Changing Seminar
  by Roxanne Schreiber, Ph.D.

One in two marriages will fail….
Relationships end because men and women do not know how to understand, accept and  communicate with one another.

This fundamental failure causes: which causes significant problems in
     • Chronic Misunderstandings      • Health and Productivity
     • Deeply Hurt Feelings      • Self-esteem
     • Unresolved Sources of Conflict      • Effective Parenting
     • Feeling Hopeless and Helpless      • General Overall Well-being

which causes Uncertainty about Staying in the Relationship!

Stop the madness!

Learn how to create a relationship that is based on fulfillment, openness, laughter, joy, peace, commitment, understanding, communication and respect.

In this six hour relationship seminar, couples will

• Learn how to communicate and understand each other on a deeply profound level.

• Learn how to disappear chronic disagreements in one afternoon

• Learn how to identify and satisfy their relationship needs without feeling pressured, compromised, or misunderstood

• Learn the ONE UNDERLYING reason why couples consistently fight and how to overcome this issue quickly, effectively, and completely.

This workshop is fun exciting, dynamic, and informative. It is geared toward healthy couples who are having mild to moderate conflict in their relationships or to those who just want to improve their existing relationship. Couples who are working through significant issues such as infidelity or addictions may benefit from a more intensive therapy setting.

Registration is $200 per couple. Follow up communication groups will be offered.

For more information contact Dr. Schreiber or view our calendar

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Reconnect and Recreate: A Relationship Seminar for Mothers and Their Adolescent Daughters

As girls reach adolescence their quest for an identity often leads to a distancing, and even misunderstanding, of those closest to them. And because the mother has typically been the daughter’s closest confidante, main source of support, and biggest cheerleader, she regrettably, is also the recipient of the greatest distance, and misunderstanding from her teen daughter.

In fact, to create enough distance, the daughter often feels a subconscious need to dismiss, sometimes even despise her mother, as a way of breaking free from that previous level of dependency.

Unfortunately, it is during this very trying and turbulent period of adolescence, that the daughter needs the comfort, stability, and guidance of her mother, the most.

This relationship seminar provides some valuable assistance. Fun and experiential exercises create an open environment in which mothers and daughters begin to really communicate and understand each other. Specific strategies are learned, which lead to deep levels of bonding, rather than alienation, during this developmental period. Ultimately, mothers and daughters will leave the seminar viewing adolescence as the ultimate opportunity for growth, understanding, productivity, and peacefulness.

Remember when she let you show her the world…
Want to return the favor?

Insightfully touching, surprisingly educational, and satisfyingly comprehensive, this workshop leaves both mothers and daughters understanding each other on an entirely new level.

The cost is $150 at pre-registration and $200 at the door. Cost covers both mother and daughter.

For more information contact Dr. Schreiber or view our calendar

Date of Seminar You're Attending