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Therapy Services

Dr. Schreiber currently provides therapy for children, families, couples, and groups. She has worked with children as young as 4 yrs of age and with adults as old as 85 yrs of age. Her specialties included therapy for adolescent daughters and their mothers, communication training for couples, and coping with stress and life transitions. Some typical psychological problems presented in session include but are not limited to:


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Adjustment Disorders

Time Management

Empowerment Groups

Social Skills Training (ADHD Children)

Terminal Illness


Marital Distress

Life Transitions

Communication Groups

Conflict Resolution

Social Skills for Teens

Grief Issues

Although Dr. Schreiber offers traditional psychological services she is also very excited about the unique combination of the latest brain science and existing psychological theory upon which she has based the curriculum for her seminars and the following life topics:

Change and Transitions

Relationships and Love

Finding Your Life's Purpose

Weight and Body Image

Acceptance and Forgiveness

Wealth and Abundance

Interpersonal Functioning

Powerful Communication

Performance and Productivity

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Sexual Well-being

Freedom and Self-Expression

Seminars include:

Reconnect and Re-create: Healthy Relationships between Mothers and their Adolescent Daughters

Reconnecting with your Mate: Dissolving Long-term Conflicts and Creating Marital Satisfaction and Happiness

The Empowerment Seminar: Accessing Your Full Potential